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How to Cook Potato Soup With an Instant Pot


The history of dried spices, soup mixes, and seasonings begins with not one, but three individuals from different backgrounds. But they all had a common goal: to create healthy, tasty, pure, and conveniently packaged spices for the home cook. If you want to make aardappelsoep ah and to make it more tastier, you can add some seasoning. Here are some seasoning you can use and following with instant soup recipe.


potato soup

Carl began experimenting with drying spices and vegetables and in 1873 launched the first Knorr dried soups, which were new to continental Europe. Home cooks could prepare the soup/food without having to simmer. Today, Knorr products are sold all over the world; on its website, 320 million people boast that they use its products every day. August was soon recognized as thoughtful, intelligent and radical, and eventually became a partner in the company. Two decades later, Folger and Schilling decided to go their separate ways.


Later decided to strike out on his own in the creation of flavors and extracts. In 1889 he founded his own company and only seven years later published the first McCormick’s Cookbook and bought the F.G. Spice Company in Philadelphia. The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 nearly destroyed the company, but McCormick was determined; he recovered and relaunched the seller 10 weeks later. It’s simple: Cost: you can make your mixes for less than the price of a small packet at the supermarket. Health concerns: when you make your own, you can control the amount of sodium. And if there’s a particular ingredient you don’t like (or are allergic to), you can easily skip it.

Serving size: most of the ready-made combinations are enough for a family of 4. Christmas gift: Homemade mixes are a great way to share your enthusiasm for good food with loved ones. If someone on your gift list lives in a dorm, lives independently, or loves camping or traveling, a batch of soup or spice mixes could be a great stocking stuffer.

Instant Potato Soup Recipe

Why spend hours making tasty soups when you don’t need to? This recipe is one of our favorites and takes less than an hour to prepare. It’s great for leftovers and can be frozen for 2-3 weeks. If you don’t have one yet, you should get one. There’s nothing this unit can’t do. We always leave the skin on because it’s full of fiber and nutrients. Also, add cayenne pepper if you are likely to use it. When the timer goes off, make a quick trip to the trouble. Add the block of hot cream cheese in addition to the cheddar cheese, and mix it into the pot with a stick blender (dip). Top with your favorites, then use bread and salad and enjoy!…