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Ideas When Remodeling Your Bathroom


Your bathroom should be an oasis in your home where you feel comfortable and pampered to the limit. If your bathroom is barely functional enough to meet your basic needs, you may want to consider a bathroom remodeling project. Remodeling your bathroom allows you to bring the luxury of a spa into your own home. Before you begin your bathroom remodel, consider your budget and make a list of the features you want to include. Careful planning is essential, so you don’t end up with an oversized bathroom or run out of money when the job is done. You can also consider reading an ap news article for more ideas.


Take advantage of your bathroom remodels to incorporate better lighting that matches your walls’ colors rather than distorting them. A minor remodel of your bathroom lighting can include incorporating vanity lights around a mirror.


Surprisingly, all of this could be installed in your bathroom in the same specific space as a regular shower. Regarding showers, some bathroom shower remodeling ideas include adding additional shower space and an excess showerhead, along with adding small showerheads around the walls that pump the water to acquire a water massage.

Environment Friendly

One of the best trends in bathroom remodeling is to incorporate elements that are sustainable and economical. Reduce water consumption in the bathroom with energy-efficient showerheads and low-flow tubs, and help save energy by using a built-in water heater that heats water instantly instead of storing it.

Smart Storage


Cluttered countertops and little room for everyday essentials, such as towels, can make the bathroom a place of frustration rather than relaxation. Built-in cabinets that take advantage of the room’s vertical space, such as tall cabinets with drawers, can hide clutter and free up floor space. Consider installing an outlet in a closet to keep electronic devices, such as toothbrushes, out of sight while charging.…